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Alnashmi Factory

Brief history about Alnashmi Factory for Steel Industries 

Alnashmi Factory for Steel Industries is located at 3rd Industrial City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Factory has started the actual production in 2010 under industrial license No (157/S) where the first start was production of sheet iron rods from size 12 mm to 6 mm. Factory has approved the international quality standards according to the specifications of American Iron & Steel Institute (AISI).

With latest international technologies to fulfill the increasing need of local market particularly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a great development growth. Factory has approved a trademark to its products of sheet iron rods (NSA) and (N. KSA).

In the early 2015 iron bending and forming line was added, which is working on implementing all engineering shapes of sheet iron in constructions in sizes from 6mm to 40mm and with highest international technologies. Factory is prepared to begin production of floors grid at the end of year 2015. 


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