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Company’s Profile

Alnashmi for Development Co Ltd was founded on 1989 i.e. since more than 24 years of hardworking until it became of major companies in manufacturing and distributing sheet iron as well as water and thermal insulation materials also trading in woods, scaffoldings, metal supports, tying wires and floor grid.

Our only goal was to serve our customers whenever they are through:

  • - Sales team working on customer service over the week.
  • - Spreading of our branches all over Riyadh region.
  • - Fleet of trucks for quick delivery within the kingdom.
  • - All products are available in best prices.

Therefore, we take in our shoulder seriously and honesty to push economy move in our beloved country.


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Company’s Vision

Working seriously and honesty to push economy move in our beloved country.

Company’s Goals

To progress its services level to achieve maximum degrees of our customers’ satisfaction through providing items delivery service to our customers in suitable place and date. Read more.

Our Principle

Covering cities of the kingdom with building materials, rendering best services through utilizing our professional capabilities for your service.

Our Customers

Alnashmi company is proud of having distinguished group of customers in different cities of the kingdom.